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3d car stickers Leopard

car sticker +One way vision= 99$

Car stickers become more popular every year. Not only for branding commercial vehicles, but also among private cars owners. The creation of surround 3d car stickers must be highlighted as a special segment. Creating 3d volumetric imaging requires certain skills and experience, but we are always pleased to know that our efforts will be be not in vein, and each of our 3d car stickers will be pleasing to the eye of passersby. The Asphalt Art Ukraine Company, during the years of its work, has been able to pick up a close-knit team of highly skilled designers, printers and installers who are ready to perform a full range of design, production and installation of car stickers in short terms. We are not in favour of cheapest solutions, that`s why in our work we use only high-quality car foil, laminates or magnets, time-tested and designed exclusively for the manufacture of car stickers, so if You need a quality product — we`re on the way.

The most popular products with our customers are vinyl car stickers made of the automotive film, thickness 100mk and glossy laminate 80 mK, which protects the image from the burning sun and aggressive detergents and costs from 15 to 45 $ / sq.m. This price includes envelope printing, laminating and cutting by plotter. If car stickers would be used without lamination, the label`s lifetime would be very short, stickers will fade, so we strongly recommend you not to use such kind of labels, except in exceptional cases for short-term advertising. In addition to the manufacture of commercial purposes car stickers, Asphalt Art Ukraine Company offers a wide range of embroidery on cars with various Ukrainian ornaments, Ukrainian symbols and even paintings on the car hoods.

Leave a request for the production of car stickers at [email protected] mail and we will contact you not later than 30 minutes after the receipt of the application.

You can make an appointment by e-mail [email protected]lister

and we are within 30 minutes of contact with you!  call

Delivery worldwide through «Ukrposhta» — $22-25. Delivery time 10-14 days to anywhere in the world  .man

Price manufacturing stickers on cars

We  always happy to welcome you to our website and promptly provide any advice as well as any services for the design, production and installation of stickers, but now we offer you to upstage all business issues to the background and to provide a possible financial assistance to our employee`s son, who needs an emergency surgery. Sasha Tupitskiy needs an urgent surgery to correct a dislocation of his hip in Schon clinic in Munich. We are grateful for any, even the smallest amount, that can be saved for this operation (cost of the surgery and postoperative rehabilitation is 79,113 Euro).

More information you can find on https://www.youcaring.com/tupitskyi-oleksandr-557518 and in our group on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1067535989977973/




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