Street Art

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Street art


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Street Art: Один комментарий

  1. Dear Sir,

    Kindly, first of all we would like to get your offer ,
    Simply we have projects in Qatar,starts with small art work for an event for planting 200K tree in Doha,and we shall offer a great art work that attract traffic to the site where the painting or the sticker found,
    So Please inform me with both solutions ,Your coming to paint it or to sale us the art work design in digital,and we will print and install at site by our self.

    and notes, that this is just a paid sample we offer to deal for festival in Doha in December at the nationalday. it can be more than 20 art work designs., and will do the main stadium at the Emir cup.

    just to be sure from ability of doing this,pls make a draft of the cup attached ,and send me some of your art work.

    Omar Ali

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